Maciej Paterski takes the Polish season opener

Maciej Paterski won the official inauguration of the 2015 season on the Polish roads – “Ślężański Mnich”, held in Sobótka. Bartłomiej Matysiak also made the podium and took third. The top 3 in U23 category was orange as well, with Jakub Kaczmarek in first and Eryk Latoń in second place.

We wanted to control the race from the very beginning. With 15 riders we had the numerical superiority and we rode almost the entire team at the head of the group. We set up the strong pace and we did everything we could to stay out of trouble and crashes. On the final laps we started to attack to shred the peloton. When we entered the final circuit I attacked but got caught halfway through the lap. Together with Bartłomiej Matysiak we decided that I will try to pull away one more time, few hundred meters from the line. This time it worked and I claimed the win – Maciej Paterski said aftewards.

It was my second triumph in Sobótka in a row and the next podium spot here. Few years back, when I was riding for KTK Kalisz I was 2nd, behind Bartek Matysiak, who was riding for Legia back then. I also won here in U23 category he added.

Jakub Kaczmarek and Eryk Latoń took 5th and 6th respectively, after the sprint from a chasing group which finished behind Paterski. That gave them 1st and 2nd in U23.

It was a chaotic sprint so there was no real lead-out or anything, although Tomasz Kiendyś helped us position ourselves with 300 meters to go. Our shape is improving but we are still far from top form – Eryk Latoń said.

The race in Sobótka was 119km long and consisted of 7 laps around Ślęża Mountain. For most of the competition the peloton was compact and led by CCC Sprandi Polkowice. On the final circuits “riders in orange” began to split the bunch in pieces and in the very end Maciej Paterski went off and crossed the line with his raised arms. Bartłomiej Matysiak finished 3rd, behind Paweł Franczak (ActiveJet).

Results of „Ślężański Mnich”, Sobótka, 119km

1.Maciej Paterski (CCC Sprandi Polkowice)

2.Paweł Franczak (ActiveJet) 0:01

3.Bartłomiej Matysiak (CCC Sprandi Polkowice) 0:02

5.Jakub Kaczmarek (CCC Sprandi Polkowice) 0:03

6.Eryk Latoń (CCC Sprandi Polkowice)

14. Łukasz Owsian (CCC Sprandi Polkowice) 0:08

15. Jarosław Marycz (CCC Sprandi Polkowice) 0:11

21. Tomasz Kiendyś (CCC Sprandi Polkowice) 0:18

23. Adrian Honkisz (CCC Sprandi Polkowice) 0:38

39. Kamil Małecki (CCC Sprandi Polkowice) 0:51

73. Piotr Brożyna (CCC Sprandi Polkowice) 1:07

74. Mateusz Taciak (CCC Sprandi Polkowice) 1:08

76. Adrian Kurek (CCC Sprandi Polkowice)

84. Grzegorz Stępniak (CCC Sprandi Polkowice) 1:13

85. Marek Rutkiewicz (CCC Sprandi Polkowice)

86. Leszek Pluciński (CCC Sprandi Polkowice)