Marczyński about the races to come.

About preparations to further starts in the 2010 season, and also about his participation in the opening race of the season in Poland in Sobótka, Tomasz Marczyński wrote on his website:

After a short visit to Poland and a few more relaxed days, the time for hard work has come again. I have been in Italy for over a week and I am preparing myself for the races awaiting me in the nearest future. Generally, I am feeling well, and as usual, I look into the future with optimism. The weather has been fine so far, I don’t lack the will to practice, the mood is ok, so it’s ok. As for the nearest races, they will be: the opening of the season in Sobótka, SETTIMANA INTERNAZIONALE LOMBARDA and PRESIDENTIAL CYCLING TOUR OF TURKEY. Of course, I will inform you about them systematically.

Regards to everyone! Bye!