Marczyński about the Tour of Turkey.

On his website Tomasz Marczyński put a description of his unfortunate performance in the Tour of Turkey:

Today’s news will not belong to the happiest ones, but such news also have to find their place in the life of every sportsman. My adventure with the Tour of Turkey, unfortunately has already finished. From the first stage I struggled with a cold which later turned out to be bronchitis. Despite this I did not wanted to give up so easily and I continued competing winning the jersey of the mountain classification and of the special Turkish Beauty classification. During the yesterday’s stage around twenty kilometres before the finish line I collapsed and I badly bruised my knee and my hand. This also did not discourage me from the further ride. I got on my bike again and continued my race, ending the stage in the leading group. After the stage I had my ripped elbow stitched and my badly bruised knee dressed. Unfortunately today in the morning the leg was so much swollen that to be able to continue the race I was forced to give up further competition. I am really sorry because the disease was slowly subsiding and I strongly believed that I will manage to pull through and struggle in the remaining stretches of the race, the more so, that the race is much medial, and this is a perfect opportunity to show and promote our sponsors.

Now I will try to recover from the injury as soon as possible and as soon as possible return to racing. I know that such experiences always give me even more of the cyclist’s anger and they motivate a lot!!! It is another opportunity to quote my motto: Whatever would be, it would be very nice”. Concluding, it is good and it will be even better. Thanks a lot to everybody for the words and support for the several days.