Marczyński: I look into the future with optimism.

After a short time of training and rest, Tomasz Marczyński started preparations for the cycling season of 2011. On his website tomaszmarczyń he wrote:

After quite a successful end of the season of 2010 (with which I was extremely satisfied) and wonderful holidays, again the time has come for training and planning the coming year. After the first tests, the starting position for beginning trainings is optimal, and the appetite for success big! In addition to it all, the fact of awarding our team with the status of Professional Continental Team, creates an opportunity for participating in even more prestigious events. All these aspects combined into one entity motivate me a lot, and allow me to look into the future with optimism. There is nothing left for me to do, then, but conscientiously do my set ‘homework’ and patiently wait for its effects!!!

source: tomaszmarczyń