Marczyński: I look into the future with optimism.

In spite of illnesses and momentary indispositions which plague Tomasz Marczyński during this season, the racer of CCC Polsat Polkowice looks into the future with optimism. He shares information about his health problems and about his plans for the further part of the cycling season with his fans on his website: Here is what he has written:

My recent time has again been marked by illness. Only two days before the GP Gippngen I had a sore throat again, which was accompanied by general weakness. I took part in the race, but on the route I felt terrible. As it turned out later I had pharyngitis and laryngitis. That was why I devoted the next four days to cure myself, and on Friday I resumed training.

Honestly speaking, recently some ‘impediments’ have been happening to me all the time, but the strangest thing in that all is that the less the fortune favours me the more I desire the cycling life … every time I rise, every turn of the pedals brings me even more joy, and the whirr of the tyres spurs me to struggle.

I know it will not be easy to pull myself together for the approaching Poland Championship which will undoubtedly be another essential event, but I believe that there are no impossible things, and that by that time I will have managed to return to a good form. Meanwhile, I will have two classic cycle races in Italy, where the main goal will be to train at a high, racing pace and to test my condition. And now – my warm regards to all my Supporters, and as usual I look into the future with optimism!!!