Marczyński: ‘I wanted to leave a sign’

One of the main heroes of today’s last stage of Tour de Pologne was Tomasz Marczyński (CCC Polsat Polkowice), who broke away twice. Unfortunately, the popular ‘Maniek’ got caught up in the last kilometre.

– You are a born ‘krakus’. In front of your own public you showed yourself at your best, fighting until the end.

I had to show something. Yesterday I was unlucky. In the last lap I had a defect, so I had to forget about fighting in the general classification. I wanted to show a sign that I took part in that tour.

– Today you have left even two signs. You broke away twice.

– You can say so (laugh). I fought, I did not give up. I was secretly hoping that perhaps I would succeed, and I reach the finishing line alone. On the whole I am satisfied with this year’s tour. I did my best.

– In this season you have proved several times, that you are in a great form. In Złotoryja you won two gold medals. What further plans do you have for this year?

There are still some races left. We are preparing ourselves for the championships of the world. And then I will go for a leave in October.

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