Marczyński: I will not stand at the starting line’

Tomasz Marczyński (CCC Polsat Polkowice) is not going to participate in this year’s opening of the cycling season in Sobótka, in the race of Ślężański Mnich. Let us remind you, that the popular ‘Maniek’ won that race last year, in the men’s elite category.

– Sobótka, that is the opening of the cycling season in Poland, ahead of us. Are you going to start there?

This year I am not going to stand at the starting line of “Ślężański Mnich” because of the stitches on my leg, that I have ‘earned’ during the last stage of Catalonia. Generally speaking, nothing serious, but I had to give up on the bike for several days. I know, that the team is well prepared and the boys are going to fight for victory also the day before in Dzierżoniów.

– This year you – as a team – have started the season very early, and right from the beginning in very hard races.

Yes, that’s right, this year some of us started to race very early. Me, myself, after the long season of 2010, started the preparations a bit later this year, but I am getting going. In Catalonia it was a fast racing, and it was possible to train well.

– What is your form like after that tough beginning?

Stage by stage it has been getting better and better, which is the reason for my satisfaction of the progress of the form.

– Last year was quite unlucky for you, because of injuries and illnesses. Did this season start better?

Let’s say it started better. As I had said before, I am entering the season much calmer than last year and I am more oriented towards the second part of it. Although, if everything goes as planned, soon my legs should be going around ‘round the clock’ (laughing).

– What are the goals for this season?

My key goals for this season are the Championship of Poland, Tour de Pologne and the Italian classic races.