Marczyński: ”The route suits me”

Tomasz Marczyński from the beginning of the season presents an excellent form, taking leading places in strongly competitive races. Turkey was to be another important spot among this year’s starts, but the chance of a good performance of the CCC Polsat Polkowice racer may be ruined by an illness.
– I have a cold, and this is, unfortunately not good news before the Sunday race – said Marczyński. – Everything started in Italy, where we raced in “Bergamasca”. Every day we competed in the rain and now we are suffering the results of that. Altogether this year is unlucky as far as the weather during races is concerned. Wherever I go, it rains there. I hope it will be different in Turkey – he added.

The racer of the Polkowice team is on antibiotics now, which strongly affects his physical form. – I am feeling weak. Even during the today’s [Saturday] training I felt the results of the antibiotic based treatment. There’s no denying that it might unfavourably affect the result of the race.

– The route suits me, but in this situation the scenario might really vary. I don’t want to shatter my chances, and if my condition improves, I would like to fight for a high position in the general classification. I think that the leading ten would be a really good result. If, however, I feel then as I am feeling now, I will try to focus on one of the stages and fight for the victory. I would then give up the struggle in the overall classification – stated the CCC Polsat racer. Marczyński shows a really good form in this season. He has already scored a victory in Sobótka, during the event opening the season in Poland. – Actually, from the beginning of the season I am trying to fight for the leading places, and as a rule I do not give up any races. Such are the resolutions for the Tour of Turkey too, but we will see what will come out of it.

– I think that everything should become clear after the first stage. In the prologue I will try to ride moderately, and if it turns out that the cold is not over I will turn for the general classification.