Marczyński: Tour de Pologne is the next goal for me and my team.

Tomasz Marczyński (CCC Polsat Polkowice) is already in Italy, getting prepared for the start in Tour de Pologne. The double winner of the championship of Poland writes on his website about his immediate plans.

– After a short rest the time has come again for hard work. Since Wednesday I have been in Italy, where I am preparing myself for the next starts. I have already had my first, introductory micro-cycle of trainings, which went as it had been planned.

– Next weekend I will take part in two classic races in Arona, which will serve, first of all, to ‘bring back’ the quick racing pace. Next, I will stay in Italy to further prepare myself for Tour de Pologne, which is after the championships of Poland, another great goal for me and our whole team.

– That is why every next day until 31 July will be programmed so that I can be in my optimal form on the Polish roads to show myself to my best advantage.