Marczyński: ‘We are satisfied’

Tomasz Marczyński (CCC Polsat Polkowice) speaks about the plans for tomorrow’s 6th stage and he summarizes the 5th stage in an interview for ASInfo.

For the time being everything has been going on according to our plan. We are active, we show ourselves in breakaways.
Ahead of us tomorrow’s stage which may decide on the final classification of the race – said Tomasz Marczyński from the CCC Polsat Polkowice the best Polish cyclist in the general classification, after the 5th stage of Tour de Pologne.

– How was the ride in that stage?

The route was hard, because there were big differences in altitudes. During the first three rounds the pace was not so dizzying, but in the last two stages the serious racing started. It is the fifth day of racing end everybody is feeling a slight tiredness. The most important is the fact that we came at the front and we did not lose valuable seconds. We are satisfied.

– Who will be the leader on Friday, you or Marek Rutkiewicz?

When we were starting the race, Marek was the leader. After today’s stage I am the best Polish racer in the general classification, but tomorrow everything will depend on what the situation on the route will be like. Today Marek managed to ride away and he won several precious seconds for the general classification.

Source: “ASInfo”