Marczyński: ‘We will do our bestl’.

Before the upcoming start of the CCC Polsat Polkowice team in Tour de Pologne, Tomasz Marczyński, who is in the composition of the team for that race has given an interview to the portal:

Tomek, how are you spending the last days before the most important race of the season?

I have been training in Italy for the last three weeks and I also rode two classic races. Since yesterday I have already been in Poland, and specifically in Zakopane, where I am getting familiar even better with the routes of the hardest stages.

Are you the whole team already?

For the moment there are five of us, apart from me there are ‘Rutek’, Jose Mendes, Łukasz Bodnar, Bartłomiej Matysiak.

What is the atmosphere like in the team before TdP, stress or still relax?

For sure concentration. We are working hard, but of course in good moods.

Marek Rutkiewicz is to be the leader. We know, however, that you are a match for each other in the team, so in fact CCC will have two leaders – won’t that be a problem?

Well, for all I know both I and Marek are to be the leaders for the tour. Of course it all depends on what the race goes like, and who will have a better day, but for sure we are going to help each other.

Is CCC going to cause the same stir at Tour de France as in Europcar? Maybe you will put on the jersey of the leader too, only contrary to Voeckler, you will take it to Kraków?

For sure we will want to show ourselves at our best and we will do our best. What it will be enough for and what the result will be will be seen on the routes of particular stages. Generally, I do not much like to be quicker than facts.

This year CCC Polsat and the National Team of Poland are going to participate. Can you count of the help on the part of your friends from the National Team?

We are all Poles, but we are different teams. So, in my opinion, either team will ride its own race.

While thinking about starting in the Tour, what result would you be satisfied with? What are you dreaming of?

I have a combative attitude, but as I said before, I do not want to go much forward. We will ride, we will see….

source: na