Marek Rutkiewicz first leader in BGZ Proliga

Marek Rutkiewicz became the first leader of BGZ ProLigi 2013, winning in Sobotka “Ślężański Mnich”.

“Slezanski Mnich” is a one day race, so for a victory was 40 points. Just like last year the first was Marek Rutkiewicz and the second was his club mate of CCC Polsat Polkowice – Mateusz Taciak, who earned 30 points. The ninth finished Paweł Franczak, who was the best cyclist under the age of 23 and became the leader of the youth classification.
According to the rules of BGZ ProLiga, only Polish cyclists can get points for the race, so points earned by foreigners are not included in the cycle.
The next race is a stage race BGZ ProLigi Amber Road – Hellena Tour, which begins April 12. For the victory cyclists can get 50 points, and at each stage 5, 3 and 1 point.