Marek Rutkiewicz in CCC Polkowice.

In the cycling season of 2012 the brilliant cyclist, who in the previous season represented the colours of the ‘orange’ team – Marek Rutkiewicz – is going to race in the team of CCC Polkowice.

As the Management of MKS Polkowice has informed, Marek Rutkiewicz has signed a contract with the team of CCC Polkowice and in the season of 2012 he is going to start in its ranks.

As the press has earlier reported, the tenth cyclist of Tour de Pologne 2011, second in the race of Szlakiem Grodów Piastowskich 2011, the stage winner of Małopolski Wyścig Górski was to represent in 2012 the colours of the German Professional Continental Team NetApp. After some complications concerning signing the contract, Marek Rutkiewicz decided to continue racing in Poland and he is returning to Piotr Wadecki’s charge, to represent the colours of CCC Polkowice in the cycling season of 2012.