Marek Rutkiewicz: thanks for the sponsor of CCC.

On 12 December this year Marek Rutkiewicz signed a contract with the team of CCC Polkowice and thus in the cycling season of 2012 he is going to represent the colours of the ‘orange’ riders. He told the portal about his problems concerning the almost concluded contract with the team of NetApp and about starting cooperation with CCC.

When I received the information from the manager of the NetApp team that there is a problem with signing a contract with me and there will not be cooperation between us, I was much surprised and devastated – said Marek Rutkiewicz.

My earlier talks with the management of NetApp, as well as the document sent, were to be sufficient to start cooperation, and there were no doubts on either part. I was much happy, that the contract signed gave me a chance for further development of my cycling career, and chances for starting in really serious races, as for example Giro d’Italia. – added Marek Rutkiewicz. Unfortunately, things went a different way. Because it was the beginning of December already, and looking for another employer among the western teams is impossible, I started talks in Poland, and at first I addressed my former employer – the team of CCC Polkowice.

When Marek Rutkiewicz addressed me and told me about breaking the contract for the starts in the cycling season of 2012 by the team of NetApp, I was very surprised with such a course of events – said the sporting director of the team Piotr Wadecki.

I understood, that as a result Marek was actually left with no work and that for him the season might be lost. As his previous team we could not leave it indifferent to it – continues the sporting director of CCC Polkowice.

Marek is one of the best Polish road cycling riders, there are no doubts about that. Nobody needs convincing about how important he was for the team of CCC Polsat Polkowice in the season of 2011. His starts and the struggle during Tour de Pologne every year provides a lot of emotions to the fans of cycling. So I addressed the sponsor of the team, the President of NG2 p. Dariusz Miłek and asked him to agree for Marek to be allowed to race in our team during the next season. For a rider of Marek Rutkiewicz’s class there is always a place in our team. I did not have to convince our sponsor for a long time, he has many times lent a helping hand to riders, helping them in their plights. Dariusz Miłek, as a seasoned businessman, is a good judge of people, and he knows what potential and possibilities ‘Rutek’ has. Without a moment of hesitation he agreed for the contract to be signed.

After signing the contract with the team of CCC Polkowice, Marek Rutkiewicz made no attempt to hide his satisfaction and he looks with hope into the next season, when he will be allowed to show himself to the Polish fans of cycling, racing along Polish roads still representing the colours of the ‘orange’ team.

I am extremely grateful to the sponsor, Mr Dariusz Miłeki, to directors Piotr Wadecki and Roberti Krajewski, as well as to everybody who contributed to allowing me still race in the team of CCC Polkowice – said Marek Rutkiewicz.

I know that I am coming back to a circle of friend’s who lent me their helping hand in a very difficult for me situation. I would like to assure everybody that during the coming cycling season of 2012 I will do my best to repay the trust put in me with good results achieved during each start. My most sincere thanks to everybody.