Marek Rutkiewicz – the winner of Szlakiem Grodów Piastowskich.

The rider of Adria Mobil, Radosłav Rogina, became the winner of the ‘king’s’ stage of the Szlakiem Grodów Piastowskich race (cat. 2.1 UCI). Marek Rutkiewicz (CCC Polsat Polkowice) became for the second time the winner of the general classification of the race.

The last, ‘king’s’ stage of the race from Dzierżoniów to Świdnica, was 153 kilometres long and its route included very difficult uphill stretches. Along the route there were 3 climbs of category 1 (the Jugowska and Walimska Mountain Passes) and 4 climbs of category 2 (the Sokola Mountain Pass and Modliszów). Additionally, bonus seconds were awarded at the intermediate stages in Dzierżoniów, Bielawa and Świdnica.

The peloton rode the first 15 kilometres together until the moment when the first uphill stretch started, for the Jugowska Mountain Pass. And, as it usually happens in mountains stages, the uphill stretch automatically started a selection within the peloton. At the head specialists in riding in mountains appeared, behind them those riders stayed that find it more difficult to negotiate uphill stretch. The peloton stretched quite much, and then an attack by three riders started. Two riders from the Adria Mobil team jumped to the front: Radoslav Rogina and Matej Mugerli together with Jure Golcer from Tirol Cycling Team. Right behind them a group of 25 riders formed with the leader of the race, Marek Rutkiewicz (CCC Polsat Polkowice). In that group there were, among others, five riders of CCC and the vice-leader of the race, Stefan Schumacher (Christina Watches).


The chase group, with the leader, Marek Rutkiewicz, riding uphill towards the climb at Sokolec.

The escaping threesome quite soon gained a lead over the chase group and riding subsequent kilometres of the route fought for the points and bonus seconds at all the climbs and intermediate stages. The first one to reach most of the climbs was Radosłav Rogina and by collecting the biggest number of points he secured for himself the victory in the mountains classification of the race. The bonus seconds at the intermediate stages were fought for by Jure Golcer, who was 2:27 behind the leader, and as the threesome’s lead over the peloton was 3:40, he was at one moment a virtual  vice-leader.

The three escaping cyclists were still riding together cooperating harmoniously and their lead lasted over 3 minutes. When the riders started negotiating the two laps around Świdnica, along which there were a climb of category 2 in Modliszewo, the lead of the threesome started to decrease gradually. In the chase group there were fewer and fewer riders. With the leader of the race only the third in the GC – Mateusz Taciak – remained. The riders of BGŻ Team: Łukasz Bodnar and Błażej Janiaczyk joined to help chase the escaping threesome. They pressed the pedals hard and the gap was bridged quite soon. Unfortunately, the escaping threesome were not caught up with, and they reached the finishing line only 20 seconds before the others.

The first one to cross the finishing line was Radoslav Rogina, who defeated his team-mate Matej Mugerli and Jure Glocer.

In the group behind the finishing threesome was, among others, the leader Marek Rutkiewicz, securing for himself the victory in the general classification. In that group there were also: Stefan Schumacher andMateusz Taciak, which gave them respectively the second and third place in the general classification.


Marek Rutkiewicz – the winner of the Szlakiem Grodów Piastowskich race.

The results of stage 4, Dzierżoniów – Świdnica, 153 km

1. Radoslav Rogina (Adria Mobil)    3:48:24
2. Matej Mugerli (Adria Mobil)
3. Jure Golcer ( Tirol Cycling Team)

15. Marek Rutkiewicz           0:20
19. Mateusz Taciak
32. Bartłomiej Matysiak      1:11
34. Piotr Gawroński             9:09
38. Tomasz Kiendyś
40. Dariusz Batek
47. Nikolay Michaylov        18:05


The general classification of the race:

1. Marek Rutkiewicz (CCC Polsat Polkowice)      10:30:17
2. Stefan Schumacher (Christina Watches)                 0:46
3. Mateusz Taciak (CCC Polsat Polkowice)                  1:09

19. Bartłomiej Matysiak             3:59
33. Tomasz Kiendyś                 10:31
34. Piotr Gawroński                  10:35
40. Dariusz Batek                      13:27
46. Nikolay Michaylov              19:37

Marek Rutkiewicz also won the blue jersey of the points classification.
The best rider of the U-23 classification was  Piotr Gawroński and the team of CCC Polsat Polkowice  became the best team of the race.