Marek Rutkiewicz to sum up the start in the race ‘Szlakiem Grodów Piastowskich’

Marek Rutkiewicz leads the BGZ ProLigi 2013 after 4 of 19 races. ‘Grody Piastowskie’ did not end happily for him, but the season is long and will surely be a chance to reverse fate.

Unfortunately, this year Castles Piastowskie did not turn out like I wanted it – said Marek Rutkiewicz. From the start persecuting me luck. In the first stage, at the decisive moment, when he was able to jump from the fundamental group to run and work out nearly a minute lead before the last driveway – caught my fault. Consequently, rather than develop a greater advantage on the last driveway on the rest of the riders, I had to spend time to change the wheel. Fortunately, the departure was Bartek Matysiak and gave me his wheel, so that I could begin the last driveway in front of a group that has caught up with me.

From the beginning I had to do a piece of work that disrupted the group that was going to have many riders. Finally, I finished the stage finishing in second place in the first groups. The time trial, in turn, felt the hardships of early stage, especially the work that I put in the end. Well, I did not do well. Another step and another bad luck – in an accident broke the frame and had to wait long for your spare bike, thus costing me a lot of strength to catch up with the group constitution.
The last step is already fighting to the end for the victory in the overall standings. We did our best to lose the race leader – John Bart. Sorry riders with NetApp not fully applied for fighting fair play – prevented the attack, including blocking the entire width of the road, leaving the entire team to the front of the pack in the only place where you could lose a leader – or the driveway Podgórki, who was defeated three times.

In summary, remained little disgust at this year’s Grody. Haunting me bad luck prevented the fight for the top step of the podium. Fortunately for us the remaining consolation victory in two stages, the team classification and the mountain. To be completely lacked little success.

After Grody I put a few relaxing days at home, and on Sunday start in Czestochowa – belongs to another race ProLigi BGZ, in which the leads. Undoubtedly, this is a specific race, held on the rounds passing through the Jasna Gora. Two years ago, we managed to win both the dash and in the criterion. This year also we will fight for the win.