Marek Rutkiewicz won in Sobótka

Marek Rutkiewicz (CCC Polsat Polkowice) was the winner of “Ślężański Mnich” – the race that opening the cycling season in Poland and inaugurating the competition in BGZ ProLiga.

This year’s cycling season opening race in Poland, once again played Sobotka and the organizers offered a slightly different route, which has for four months riders will compete for the title of Polish Champion. Length of the route was 136 kilometers and was divided into 8 rounds that led roads around Sobotka. On the route of the race riders overcame two hills, which, together with very comfortable weather conditions that prevailed that day, decided to end the fate of the race.

At the start of the race, as did every year, there was virtually all cycling Poland, from juniors, the eagles, women and ending with the elite. It is true that the elite failed to start the first stores BDC Team and Team BGZ is so emotional and there was no shortage in the race. CCC Polsat Polkowice team stood at the start of “Ślężańskiego Monk” in a complete composition, only without Davide Rebellin.
Punctually at the 13th, several dozen elite athletes peloton hit the road race, cheered by the numbers stored in Sobotka audience. The first attack from the peloton began shortly after the start of cyclists, the first of two heats. Coming in as the favorite team of CCC decided at the beginning of the race, “set” the course of the competition.

All teams taking off watching us closely what we intend to do – said the director. Piotr Wadecki sports teams. We decided not to wait for a long time and was initiated immediately after the start of a controlled departure, which was to see which teams will join the fight for zwycięstwo.Na first round of eighteen riders had left the group and among them some of my riders Rutkiewicz with Mark at the helm. In this group there were also riders Wibatech Beach, Las Vegas Energy Drink and one of the riders BDC and BGZ. As it turned out, the first departure shortly after the start of the pack was a departure from which was selected the winner of the race.

Runaway group of riders peloton gained quite a significant advantage, and despite strenuous work BGZ Bank riders who started the chase in the peloton for escape, unfortunately, their work did not bring the expected results. Escape on a two-minute advantage was with the group key. At the end of two rounds, initiated by Matthew Taciak attack, meant that the top four riders pulled away. They were in it: Marek Rutkiewicz, Matthew Taciak, Adrian Kurek and Adam Wadecki (Las Vegas).

In the end of the attack: Marek Rutkiewicz Taciakiem with Matthew and leaving behind Adrian and Adam Kurek Wadeckiego drove the finish line alone.
The winner of “Ślężańskiego Monk” was Marek Rutkiewicz, who has another season in a row, a spectacular finish cycling season starts in Poland at the same time becoming the first leader of BGZ ProLigi. Second place went to Matthew Taciak and after two minutes behind the winner past the finish line, Adam Wadecki (Las VGAs Power Energy Drink) and Adrian Kurek.

The victory makes me very happy – said Marek Rutkiewicz at the finish line. I think the whole team did a good job, and as in the past is up to us to start the season. This is the result of our work done in preparation of winter and starts that we have for each other. Today we had the race under control and I felt very well but as you can see the weather is not so good for us. I was going very well for most of the race I had a moment of weakness, the legs do not refuse to obey – and the satisfaction of the previous year wynik.Sytuacja repeated itself perfectly. Sobotka overcome here, I took the lead in the BGZ ProLidze, but I’d love to see a well started season 2013 turned out to be good especially when it comes with my performance at this year’s Tour de Pologne – Marek Rutkiewicz ended.