Mariusz Witecki – an expert on TdP about stage 3.

Mariusz Witecki (CCC Polsat Polkowice) as an expert on Tour de Pologne commented on the cyclists’ performance during the third stage, from Będzin to Katowice.

Behind us the third stage, and a course of events virtually identical to the previous ones. In the breakaway representatives of the same teams as on the previous days, the only thing that changed was the names.

You can see that the boys from CCC Polsat Polkowice and from the National Team of Poland are riding very carefully, because since the first day they have been entering ‘good’ actions. Today we saw ‘Bodzio’ – Łukasz Bodnar and Piotr Gawroński.

From the beginning of the stage there were a lot of attacks and from my experience I know, that you cannot enter a breakaway just like that, so all the more applause is deserved seeing that every day we see our representatives at the front.

In such laps you escape with a definitely bigger effort, because there are many bends, after which you have to gain speed, which costs really a lot of energy.

Today, while I was watching the coverage it seemed to me that Piotrek had some problems with keeping up with the pace of the breakaway, but in my opinion it is an effect of an injury that he had suffered at the beginning of the season and for sure, after such a break in trainings and starts it is not easy to return to a great form. I think, however, that next season everything will be back to norm and he is still to show what he can afford.

’Bodzio’ rode nicely in the final stretch, being very alert; not only was he controlling his opponents’ attacks, but also he himself attacked. But it is obvious that if you do not attack, and you do not try, you do not win anything, and ‘Bodek’ has a predisposition to solitary actions and he can ride ‘solo’ – he is a good time trialist, which definitely is advantageous in such actions. It is a pleasure to watch solo actions by Poles, especially if it is good friend from the team.

Today, like yesterday, we had a field sprint and also this time Marcel Kittel won – for the third time…

Tomorrow a much more interesting stage with uphill stretches towards ‘Zameczek’ in the Vistula River, and hard laps in Cieszyn with the finish up the hill and on cobbled road. We can already expect that the peloton will arrive at the finishing line a bit torn, and there will be a chance for Poles’ fight in the final stretch.

I am counting first of all on ‘Rutek’ – Marek Rutkiewicz and ‘Moraj’ – Jacek Morajko, who are able to find themselves in such a finish. For sure ‘Goły’ – Michał Gołaś – who has been announcing for several days that he is focused on that very day, will certainly join the fight.

Greetings – ‘Witek’ Mariusz Witecki

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