Mariusz Witecki: ‘And the serious racing has started’

And the serious racing has started, the peloton entered the mountains and from the beginning there were definitely more emotions in that stage. But before the cyclists reached the uphill stretches we had had a flat stretch, in which as usual it was quick and there were a lot of attacks, the main action of the day was started right after the first sprint stage by four cyclists, and among them as usual two of our representatives.

Today ‘Matys’ won a lot of points in the best climber classification, and he may as well start thinking of carrying that jersey to the finishing line, and knowing ‘Matys’, tomorrow he will surely try to break away again, to increase his points collection.

The total racing started even as early as in the ride towards Cieszyn, where the area is quite hard and we saw a lot of attacks, so you can see that many cyclists care about showing themselves in that race. The laps were very strenuous, as last year, with an uphill stretch to a climb and the stretch towards the finishing line on cobbled road. It could be seen very well, because lap by lap a smaller and smaller peloton was riding. And in the home stretch very good work and tough pace imposed by the Liquigas group, with Maciej Paterski seen among them, eventually thinned out the group that had been small anyway.

Today at last a change in the leading at the finishing line – Peter Sagan confidently won several metres before the next competitor. Of course, Polish cyclists’ performance deserves praise: ‘Maniek’ – Tomasz Marczyński, who advanced to the very good 6th place in the GC, ‘Rutek’ Marek Rutkiewicz, who rode very carefully so that not to have any bigger losses before tomorrow’s stage, the same way as Bartek Huzarski and Przemysław Niemiec.

Tomorrow the hardest stage of this year’s Tour de Pologne and it seems, that it is tomorrow that the whole general classification is going to form. From the beginning we should watch a breakaway again, but this time the finishing line should be reached by small groups, because such a distance and so many repeated uphill stretches there will get into the legs hard. For sure it will be interesting, and I wish Polish cyclists, and especially my friends from CCC Polsat Polkowice joining the fight for the victory.

Greetings – ‘Witek’ Mariusz Witecki

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