Mariusz Witecki: ‘He rode down in his style’

An expert on Tour de Pologne, Mariusz Witecki (CCC Polsat Polkowice) shared his impressions and comments after the next, sixth, king stage of the race with the finishing line in Bukowina Tatrzańska.

Mountains, mountains and over 200 km to ride, over 4000 m of the difference in altitude, and in the general classification we have some seconds’ loss, which announces a fight for tomorrow. At the only sprint stage, of course, because the 3 seconds to win may decide about the victory in the whole race.

Today, like during the whole race we saw a breakaway, only this time of 10 people and again we had our representatives ‘Moraj’ – Jacek Morajko and ‘Goły’ Michał Gołaś, who was riding very well and after that stage he secured for himself a victory in the best climber classification. Bravo!!!

The expected fight at the climb, at which certainly Peter Sagan and Marco Marcato will aim, being only 3 seconds behind the leader in the general classification, should provide the most active cyclist jersey for Adrian Kurek.

It is worth waiting for the decisive uphill stretch towards Gliczarów, ‘Rutek’ – Marek Rutkiewicz was close to cooperate with Martin, and then it would be definitely easier for them to reach the finishing line. It is really a pity, because you could see that ‘Rutek’ was really motivated, and he deserved a place on the podium in that race. Still, he proved it, and he took up the fight and he rode the downhill stretch in his style, risking a lot because it was narrow, and the speed was very high. Perhaps if only he had had somebody to take turns with him up the hill, then he would have reached the finishing line, but where to find such a ‘crazy man’ in downhill stretch as Marek…?

We haven’t seen so many Poles at the front in Tour de Pologne in a hard stage. Przemek Niemiec’s fourth place, Paweł Cieślik deserves words of praise and respect, finishing in the perfect eighth place, which is perhaps the biggest surprise of that day. I raced with Paweł for two years in one team, and I know that he is predisposed to ride in the mountains and today he proved it. I hope that it will pay off and he will sign a contract for the next year with a good team, that is what I wish him from the bottom of the heart.

Besides ‘Rutek’ – after a solo action, which cost him a lot of energy – managed to arrive in a good, thirteen, right behind him ‘Huzar’ Bartek Huzarski, which gave him the seventh place in the GC, ‘Rutek’ is tenth and but for the seconds lost in Cieszyn he would have a place among the first five.

Tomorrow the last one, flat stage along the winding streets of Kraków. Maybe a breakaway will go again, but it should get eliminated by Liquigas, which wil certainly want to lead out Peter for the intermediate stage, and at the finishing line …. again Marcel Kittel…?

Greetings – ‘Witek’ Mariusz Witecki

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