Mariusz Witecki: you rode a great time trial – congratulations.

On his website Mariusz Witecki congratulated Tomek Marczyński and Łukasz Bodnar on winning medals of the Championships of Poland in individual time trial. He also assessed the state of his preparations for the massed start race and possibly a time trial.

Let me begin with congratulations for the boys for the individual time trial at the Championships of Poland, GREAT CONGRATULATIONS on winning the gold for Tomek Marczyński and on silver for Łukasz Bodnar.

They rode a great time trial and they confirmed the great form, that they had already displayed last week at Małopolski Wyścig Górski. And on Sunday, the massed start race and I wish myself and the whole team the same result, I believe that it is possible, seeing the form in which our team is now.

As for me, I can say that I have been working hard for the last several days, and I hope that it will pay off at the championships, I hope I can join the struggle for the leading position, although that is not going to be an easy task for sure, because I realize that the Championships of Poland are a specific race and everybody who stands at the starting line dreams of the jersey of the Champion of Poland. Our great asset is the power in our team, everybody knows that the victory is our target and I think that everybody will give his best for the title to get into our team.