Mateusz Taciak: “That is a very successful for me weekend”

Here is what the winner of the 3rd Memorial of Stanisław Królak, Mateusz Taciak (CCC Polsat Polkowice) told the portal:

“There were emotions until the very end today, the race was hard, the more so because yesterday we finished racing at “Dookoła Mazowsza”. The tiredness remained, I thought that we will base on the friends who did not ride in the finished yesterday race and yet, it was me who managed to win. That is a very successful for me weekend.

In the lead we outnumbered the others and I don’t know what would have had to happen for us not to win that race. There aren’t any such night-time criteriums in Poland at all, and I much like riding in such a scenery. The event, lasting the whole day, with a lot of spectators, was excellently organized. A great event. If my schedule allows me, I will certainly go there next year.

This season I was strong were I was to be strong. Marek Rutkiewicz was so good that you had to work for his victories. To help, you need to have something “under your feet”. It hasn’t been too bad since the beginning of the year. I completed “Grody” in the third place, however I lacked victories. At last they have shown, better late than never”.

source:, Marek Bala