Mateusz Taciak wins in Wołomin

The rider of CCC Polsat Polkowice, Mateusz Taciak, became the winner of the Memorial of Stanisław Królak. He beat Mateusz Komar (BDC) and a club-mate, Sylwester Janiszewski.

On Sunday evening, in Wołomin, the 3rd Memorial of Stanisław Królak, the prominent rider of the 1950s, the first winner of Peace Race (Wyścig Pokoju) in 1956, was held.

During the criterium, at the starting line of which there were riders of Polish professional teams: BDC, BGZ Team, CCC Polsat Polkowice, as well as riders from amateur clubs, had a distance of 60 kilometres to ride. The course led along the streets around the Market Square in Wołomin, in 1200-metre-long circuits, covered by riders 50 times.

Very effective riding was performed by CCC Polsat Polkowice riders, especially by the winner of the finished on Sunday race Around Mazowsze, Mateusz Taciak. Riding alone several circuits he collected a lot of points for the final classification of the criterium, which allowed him to become the winner of it.

Mateusz’s club-mate, Sylwester Janiszewski , did well. He fought fiercely for points against the rider of the BDC MarcPol team, Mateusz Komar.

Eventually, the second place on the podium of the criterium was taken by Mateusz Komar (BDC) and the third one by Sylwester Janiszewski.

The teams classification of the criterium was won by CCC Polsat Polkowice.