Mateusz Taciak wins Szlakiem Grodów Piastowskich race

Mateusz Taciak (CCC Polsat Polkowice) was the winner of the racevSzlakiem Grodów Piastowskich. Second place in the general classification took his club’s colleague, Marek Rutkiewicz.

The final touch of 49 edition Szlakiem Grodów Piastowskich was an individual time trial. The cyclists competed in the Polkowice – Polkowice lap which length was 30.2 kilometers.

During the last stage, which decide about victory in the whole race, there was no shortage of emotion, which caused variable weather conditions that day. The first cyclists competed at the beautiful sunny weather which was accompanied by a fairly strong wind. Next cyclists had to struggle with falling rain and a very slippery surface. Headlamp riders began to overcome the route in the rain and ended with beautiful sunny weather again.

In these difficult weather conditions a very good performance showed riders of CCC Polsat Polkowice: Mateusz Taciak and Marek Rutkiewicz. The time trial won Stefan Schumacher (Christina Watches- Kuma), who defeated the route of the stage during 38 min and 31 sec. About three seconds he defeated Mateusz Taciak and 11 seconds Nils Pollitt ( Team Stölting ). Fourth time passing, worse by 26 sec. from the winner twisted Marek Rutkiewicz which allowed him to finish the race on 2nd place. The former leader of the race, Greg Bole, reported a very poor performance, losing to the winner of almost three minute , which meant that the winner of the race was the cyclist ” orange ” team – Mateusz Taciak.

We started at Grody Piastowskie with high motivation to win this race. The race is played at the areas of our sponsor CCC – said at the finish Mateusz Taciak. I set out to win the time trial but I always need to pay attention to others, because they also want to win. But we really had to do our job reliably.

The route of the time trial suits me very well, but today beating it required a lot power. Particularly strong blowing, side wind at full wheel pushed me out of the route which could end very badly. It was a really struggle with the bike to keep it on the road. Fortunately, on the way back to Polkowice wind was leading , and this ride has become a little easier. Luckily managed to get to the finish of the time trial in a very good time. I am very happy because it gave me a victory in the race – ended Mateusz Taciak.

Difficult weather conditions during the struggle with the route of time trial were also victims. Unlucky fellows turned out to be many riders among them Lukasz Bodnar (Activejet) and Tomasz Marczyński (CCC Polsat Polkowice), who had some trouble on a slippery surface. ” Maniek” despite the collapse was able to finish the race and finished the time trial on 12th place losing to the winner 1 min. 17 sec.

Pointing classifications of the race won Marek Rutkiewicz before Mateusz Taciak. The classification for the best ” Highlander ” race , three CCC riders took the podium. Lukasz Owsian won a jearsey before Marek Rutkiewicz and Maciej Paterskim. In the team race classification, CCC Polsat Polkowice won, ahead of the Czech team Etixx and Team Stölting.

I am very happy with the victory in the race – said at the finish sporting director, Piotr Wadecki. A little unsatisfaction remained after the time trial, I hoped that Mateusz Taciak or Marek Rutkiewicz win. Conditions in which they rode Schumacher and Taciak were, however, very different. Schumacher was driving on dry , it was not as strong wind. Taciak rode the hurricane winds and the mokrym.Nieskromnie say that I am very happy that he dominated the race . We won the team classification , dot , mountain . On the podium stood two of our riders , and the front nine there were five.