Mateusz Taciak’s summary of 2013 cycling season

Mateusz Taciak has became this year’s a winner of the final classification ProLigi BGZ cycle. Summary of the 2013 season is told by Mateusz in ​​the interview granted to the


2013 cycling season is over. As with your prospects look like this time ?

Season this year was very exhausting. This year for me is very long , because it takes from February to the end of October , and it’s a lot. Overall, I include it as successful as it was able to maintain a good disposition throughout this period , which in this sport is very, very difficult. I have satisfactory results , but I think that alone is not enough victories . This year the race amongst the BGZ ProLigi was significantly more than in previous years . Due to losses abroad for at least one third race in Poland had to let go. Despite this, I managed to win the overall score ProLigi of which I am very happy . The competition was extremely interesting and intense.

BGZ jersey ProLigi took over from his colleague Marek Rutkiewicz , we can say that the green table. This is of some significance for you ?

Yes, that’s right. Shirt took over from Mark . I do not like to compete with his team-mates , so a little bad about it felt . The only thing that is comforting is the fact that this year we brought her into the hands of another team .

Which of this year’s race will remember most and why?

I think the most important race for me was the Baltic- Giant . It is an important event in Poland , but I could start the final stage as a leader, dressed all in yellow. It was important to me . The next event , which is certainly long remember the Tour de Pologne . This year, organizers have marked out extremely hard route . The first two stages in Italy were played in great heat and caused me great difficulty .

This year, the CCC joined Davide Rebellin . How does this affect you player and colleagues ?

Davide presence in our team certainly brought something . For example, at the races in which he could fight , each of us trying to keep as long as possible in the lead . Sometimes we were able to ride along with him to the end. It happened that we had to catch up to Davide able to escape to fight . This meant that continually raised the level of his .

What’s now in front of you ? What are your plans for the next few weeks?

I have just returned home after a successful start in the Tour of Hainan. It was a good season extension , so that winter break is not too long . November it will be a period of rest , I’ll roztrenowanie and sit at home with the family. In December, slowly begin to prepare for the new season .

Perhaps it is too early , but thinking about next year already starts, you are betting against each other objectives?

In fact, I did not focus more on the new season. Calmly wait until the old finish and have a rest from the bike. I think in my calendar will not occur any specific changes. Definitely will be important for me Piast Castles . I also fought for the Polish championship medal and the order to start and do well in the Tour de Pologne . They will of course be for me BGZ ProLiga . I wanted there to acknowledge this year’s achievements.

And what you want to achieve in the whole cycling career? What are your dreams?

As a young , promising rider dreamed of one day racing in the team of licensed World Tour . In 2006 he went to France. There raced three seasons in the amateur team . I won a lot of events . Unfortunately, in France, the Pole ‘s hard to sign professional terms . I made a good result at the Polish Championship in the elite and got offered a job in the team of Frost from Peter Kosmala . This is what I came back to Polish . I think it will be ridden once in the team World Tour . For the rider’s most important is health. If it will be the rest will follow. Today, I’m not such a young player . The teams with the highest shelves looking for young talents. In fact, now stepped in the best age of the rider , and so there may yet be something from me . Maybe the dream will come true in the current team , because the team ‘s ambitions and our sponsor Mr Dariusz Milka are big.

In what colors you’ll be driving in the 2014 season ?

Next season will be the team of CCC. In Poland, I would not have anywhere better to prosecute and development. I am very glad , for which I thank the sponsor .