Matysiak: “Dreams need to have and to fulfill them”

We invite for an interview with Bartek Matysiak, likeable cyclist from Polkowice club, which was conducted by Fabian Florek portal

It is one of the outstanding cyclists of CCC Polsat Polkowice. On his account there have been already a lot of success, but he says the biggest ones yet to come. Fast, brave, enjoying a professional riding.

Do you remember when you won your first race?

– I was 13 or 14 years old. It was a race on the track, and I represented the Society Bike Kalisz.

Do you have already thought about a career as professional cyclist?

– I started to ride thanks to my dad. He took me very often to the races, and I was fascinated by all that much. Then I actually had thoughts that it would’ve wanted to ride. I remember that when I came on my first workout, I was so small that they did not have the bike for me. As a child bike was with me every step – probably I did not only sleep with bike (laughs).

How has cycling within these few years changed?

– It is better , both in terms of cycling in Poland and abroad. In our country, there are more and more sponsors, create a new professional groups. This gives a lot of possibilities of the development of young cyclists. The best example of this is my group of CCC Polsat Polkowice. Our main sponsor, Dariusz Miłek, who himself was a cyclist, knows best what cyclists need and try to provide everything for us. Compared to Western countries, such as Italy, in the Polish cycling, of course, still a few things are missing. Italy is a countless with a lot of cycling teams and are great supporters. Once, before I started racing , racing on the highway there were a lot of people. Today, something like this happens very rarely. When it comes to biking in the world, well I think it is much better. First of all, because the discipline is gradually purified from doping. Thanks very strict rules for this sport is pure , which allows to achieve success as a young riders who do not assist in an unacceptable manner . The success of Michael Kwiatkowski , Rafal Majka whether they are the best example.