Matysiak: ‘I am fortunate in breakaways’

The leading in the mountains classification after the fourth stage of the 68th Tour de Pologne was retained by Bartłomiej Matysiak (CCC Polsat Polkowice), who was in a breakaway for the most part of the distance and collecting points at subsequent climbs.

– Yesterday you said that you should defend the best climber jersey, in which you succeeded. Today you chose quite aggressive a tactic.

Such a right moment to ride away happened that I took that opportunity. I gathered strength in climbs that I tried to win, in order to retain the jersey but also to score a few points more.

– Along the route your fans could be seen, supporting you strongly.

And that support helped me. It is always nice when you see the faces you know and fans who wish you all the best. That cheering gave me additional strength.

– Enough strength to defend the Tauron pink jersey also during tomorrow’s stage around Zakopane, too?

Hopefully yes. So far I have been lucky to get into such groups that broke away and stayed at the lead. Perhaps tomorrow I will be able to break away. We will see, but I can’t promise anything.

– Do you feel a bit tired after four days of racing and breakways?

A little. After the stage I go for a massage, then to the evening meal to recuperate the body. And to be prepared for tomorrow’s stage.

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