Matysiak – the winner of the Ministry of Defence Cup

Bartłomiej Matysiak from the team of CCC Polsat Polkowice became the winner of the 49th edition of the Puchar Ministra Obrony Narodowej race. After a solitary attack at the last kilometre of the route he defeated at the finishing line Mateusz Taciak (Mróz ActivJet) and a team-mate Adrian Honkisz, who in this race appeared as a representative of the national team of Poland of U-23.

The cyclists had a route of the total length of 167 km to cover, leading from Staszów to Opatów around which there were 5 laps planned out, 12 kilometres each. The first part of the route was much more difficult, with a lot of uphill stretches, where climb primes have been located in Jasień, Bard, Sadków and Wygiełzów, while further on the route it was relatively flat, with a little climb to the finishing line in Opatów.

From the cyclists’ start in Staszów there were numerous attacks in the peloton, and attempts to break away, successfully eliminated before the peloton entered the laps around Opatów. Then in the lead a group of 6 cyclists formed, including three cyclists of CCC Polsat Polkowice: Bartłomiej Matysiak, Kamil Zieliński, Sylwester Janiszewski and Adrian Honkisz representing the U-23 national team, as well as Mateusz Taciak (Mróz) and Łukasz Modzelewski (Legia/ the team of the Polish Army). That group achieved 2 minutes of advantage over another group, where there were three CCC Polsat Polkowice racers: Jarosław Rębiewski, Tomasz Kiendyś and Tomasz Lisowicz and also cyclists from the teams of Romet Weltour Dębica and Actio Mostostal Puławy.
When the six escapees entered the last lap, the advantage over the remaining cyclists was still big and it was already clear that they will succeed in reaching the finishing line. One kilometre before the finishing line Bartek Matysiak went for a lonely attack, chased by Mateusz Taciak. He, unfortunately, failed to reach Matysiak, who crossed the finishing line alone and became the winner of the Puchar Ministra Obrony Narodowej. The next cyclists crossed the finishing line every several seconds. Only 19 racers completed the race.

The results of the 49th race for the Puchar MON (Staszów – Opatów, 167 km):

1. Bartłomiej Matysiak (CCC Polsat Polkowice) – 4:03.45
2. Mateusz Taciak (Mróz Activ Jet) strata 3 s
3. Adrian Honkisz (kadra Polski) 12
4. Łukasz Modzelewski (Wojsko Polskie) 14
5. Kamil Zieliński (CCC Polsat Polkowice)