Mem. Stanisława Królaka: Marycz and Owsian on the podium

Jarosław Marycz has confirmed that he is getting back into his good shape, by taking 3rd place in the Memoriał Stanisława Królaka. He was joined on the podium by his teammate, Łukasz Owsian who claimed 2nd.

The race in Warsaw was a criterium and the Memorial was also the final event of the Polish Championship in City Cirterium series. On that day, elite category had 45 kilometers to cover – 15 laps, 3 kilometers each.

CCC Sprandi Polkowice riders were very active right after the gun and were collecting points from the very beginning. Łukasz Owsian and Jarosław Marycz were the most consistent and were in good position for the final victory. However it was Kamil Gradek who grabbed the victory, after a late solo move. He took off by himself and gained the most amount of points. Owsian and Marycz had to settle for 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Tomasz Kiendyś (5), Marek Rutkiewicz (6), Eryk Latoń (8), Piotr Brożyna (10), Bartłomiej Matysiak (11) i Grzegorz Stępniak (12) also made the top 15.

Kamil Zieliński (Domin Sport) claimed the victory in the final general classification of the series. Owsian finished the competition 4th overall. Tobiasz Pawlak (also Domin Sport) won in U23 category, while Eryk Latoń was 2nd.