Memorial Grundmann: Hacecky won the race, Honkisz 4th

Czech Vojtech Haczecky’ego victory of Dukla Prague ended a two-stage cycling race 23 Joseph Memorial Grundmann and George Wizowskigo belongs to BGZ ProLigi.

The first stage was played around Grodowca (135 km), and won it Vojtech Haczecky of Dukla Prague. Czech broke away from three Polish riders in the last kilometers and finished alone. Nine seconds lost Adrian Honkisz (CCC Polsat Polkowice), Kamil Zielinski (Las Vegas Power Energy Drink) and Mieszko Bulik (BGZ Team), 19 seconds later, the peloton arrived.
The second step on the long road was played at the still falling rain. Bank BGZ team riders tried to break the peloton to make up for losses to lead the majority of nine seconds Vojtech Haczecky’ego, but strong team of Dukla Prague torowców thwarted any shares. As a result, the finish in the peloton came Grębocicach. The last kilometer was the accident leading sprinters, but on a slippery road no one was seriously hurt.

The highest speed at the finish showed former Polish champion Adam Wadecki, ahead of two competitors bank BGZ Team, Blaise Janiaczyk and Bulik lives.
Haczecky lay in an accident, but it was the same time as the peloton and the majority of Saturday secured the victory in the race. For a team in Las Vegas was the first victory in the race included in the BGZ ProLigi this season.

The winner of the mountains classification race was Adrian Honkisz, while Josef Cerny won the classification of the most active.
BGZ ProLigi leader remained Marek Rutkiewicz (CCC Polsat Polkowice). “Rutek” did not take part in Grodowcu and Grębocicach, but his biggest rival, Matthew Taciak (CCC) has not scored a single point, allowing Rutkiewiczowi maintain two-point advantage.

The next race on the calendar BGZ ProLigi the Malopolska Race Mountain (13-15 June).
Results 1 stage:

1 Vojtech Haczecky (Dukla Prague, Czech Republic) 2.54.07
2 Adrian Honkisz (CCC Polsat Polkowice)
3 Kamil Zielinski (Las Vegas)

2 Results stage:
1 Adam Wadecki (Las Vegas Power Energy Drink) 4:11.54
2 Blaise Janiaczyk (Bank BGZ Team)
3 Mieszko Bulik (Bank BGZ Team)

General classification:

1 Vojtech Haczecky (Czech Republic, Dukla Prague) – 7:06.01
2 Mieszko Bulik (Bank BGZ Team) – a loss of 0.09
3 Kamil Zielinski (Las Vegas)
4 Adrian Honkisz (CCC Polsat Polkowice) – all 0.09
5 Blaise Janiaczyk (Bank BGZ Team) – 0.19
6 Tomasz Smolen (Bank BGZ Team)
7 Patrick Stwosz (Brave Lasocki smelter)
8 Arthur Detko (Las Vegas)
9 Arkadiusz Owsian (Mostostal Pulawy)
10th Paul Kister (Mostostal Pulawy) – all loss 0.10