Morajko: ‘The aim: to be a strong support for Rutek’

Jacek Morajko, who last year took the eighteenth place, will be one of the main pillars of CCC Polsat Polkowice at Tour de Pologne. The last year’s champion of Poland in an interview for speaks about his aims and tasks, he also describes the route of our national race.

– On Sunday Tour de Pologne starts. What attitude are you entering that race with?

I am standing at the starting line in a good form and my aim is to be as long as possible by Maretk Rutkiewicz, to help him win that race. If a chance appears for me to fight in any of the stages I would, of course, like to take advantage of it. But I have one aim in my head: be a strong support for ‘Rutek’.

– Is there a stage that you are getting prepared for particularly well?

I would like to stay in a good form in each mountain stages.

– And generally: how do you assess the route of the 68th TdP? It resembles a bit the one from last year…

Not quite. The flat stages are shorter, so it will be quicker and more nervously, which certainly will not make getting into a breakaway easy. The mountain stages, in turn, are much harder, especially the stage to Bukowina Tatrzańska, along which we had an opportunity to ride, and we consider it to be really hard – 15 climbs and the difference of altitude of 1500 m within one lap speak for themselves.

– So, the stage to Bukowina will be the decisive one.

It will definitely be the hardest one. It is in it that we are anticipating decisive moves, but let’s remember that there are three mountain stages altogether. From Wednesday one will have to be careful and ride very vigilant.

– Do you have your favourite for the general classification of our national tour?

A lot of good cyclists are going to ride. It is hard for me to say who the favourite is, but I think that Przemysław Niemiec (Lampre-ISD) will be dangerous. We can’t, however, ignore anybody.

– And what about ‘Rutek’? ‘Rutek’ is the last Pole who has won a stage of TdP (2004). Since Cezary Zamana’s victory we have been waiting for a triumph in the general classification. Is the losing streak of the white-and-red going to end this year?

I think that ‘losing streak’ is not a proper name. We are fighting all the time and we are trying to show that we exist in that race. Tour de Pologne belongs to the most important races in the world, it is of the greatest importance, and we did not have in previous years so many opportunities to race against the best ones. In this season thanks to the so-called biological passports we have started in several races from the elite ones. It should be easier for us to fight on equal terms against the protour teams. I think that it will translate into the result.

– And the last question. What is better: Orlinek or Zakopane?

Both finishing lines, both climbs are different. Orlinek is longer, while Bukowina is a finish for strong and aggressive cyclists who can attack in the final stretches.

– ‘Moraj’, we keep our fingers crossed for you and your team-mates.

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