MWG: Radosz wins stage 3, the GC for Marczyński.

The cyclist of BDC Team, Robert Radosz, became the winner of the third, king’s stage of Małopolski Wyścig Górski. After an exciting finish he defeated Mariusz Gil (Bab Babaco Cycling Team) and Paweł Cieślik from BGŻ Team. The final classification was dominated by the cyclists from CCC Polsat Polkowice who took all three places. The race was won by Tomasz Marczyński.

The last, king’s stage of Małopolski Wyścig Górski from Krynica Górska to Wysowa was 133 kilometres long and it led along the roads of the Beskid Niski. Along its route there were as many as six climbs and three intermediate stages.

The first climb of category 1 was situated as early as in the 5th kilometre, in Krzyżówka. The first one to climb there was the Champion of Poland Jacek Morajko (CCC Polsat Polkowice). After riding another 15 kilometres a long uphill stretch started for the second climb in Piorun. This time too, Jacek Morajko won his further points. The climb in Piorun was passed by the cyclists twice, and the second time Oleksandr Sheydyk from ISD- Lampe Continental reached it first. He continued the break-away riding alone several kilometres.

In the middle of the distance the peloton divided into several groups. At the front there were 31 cyclists, among others the leader of the race Tomasz Marczyński, Marek Rutkiewicz, Łukasz Bodnar (all of them from CCC Polsat Polkowice), Robert Radosz, Marcin Sapa, Dariusz Baranowski (BDC Team), Paweł Cieślik, Radosław Romanik (Team BGŻ).
After 80 kilometres there was another loop, and there an uphill stretch for the climb in Bielanka, which was to be passed twice. In this stretch of the route Marcin Sapa did very well, riding on his own from the peloton and winning both climbs, as well as two intermediated stages along the downhill stretch, in Uście Gorlickie. Sapa’s advantage over the peloton was a little over 1 minute when he was only 10 kilometres before the finishing line, the cyclists of CCC immediately eliminated his break-away.

Further attacks started out of the peloton. In the last kilometre of the route at the front a little group of several cyclists formed, in which there where, among others, Mariusz Gil, Robert Radosz, Paweł Cieślik, as well as Foliforov, Klaas and Vantornout, who settled the fight for the victory among themselves.
Eventually, that little group managed to reach the finishing line, and the quickest of it to cross it was Robert Radosz, becoming the winner of stage 3 of the race. The second place was taken by Mariusz Gil (Bab Babaco Cycling Team), and the third place was awarded to Paweł Cieślik.

The general classification was dominated by the cyclists from Polkowice. The race was won by Tomasz Marczyński, the second position, 30 seconds later, was taken by Marek Rutkiewicz, and Łukasz Bodnar was the third.
The best young rider of the race was the triumpher of the first stage Tijmen Eising (Sun Sunweb-Revir). The mountains classification was won byJacek Morajko, the combativity award was won by Tomasz Marczyński, and the cyclists of CCC Polsat won as a team.