Nikolay Mihaylov: my aim is to do my maximum.

The cycling season of 2012 was started by the team of CCC Polsat Polkowice with a much changed lineup in which, apart from three young riders, also a young, talented rider from Bulgaria – Nikolay Mihaylov – appeared.

The team of CCC Polsat Polkowice are still staying at a training camp in Spain, where they are getting prepared for the further starts in the season In Benidorm on Costa Blanca, supervised by Piotr Wadecki and Robert Krajewski almost the whole team is training, and among them the foreign newcomer, twenty-four-year-old – Nikolay Mihaylov. In a conversation with Robert Krajewski he said about the course of his career, his achievements and plans for the future.

How has your career been going so far? When did you start your adventure with cycling?

My adventure with the bicycle started in 2001 when, as a 13-year-old boy I got into a cycling club in Svilengrad (Bulgaria), where I trained as a junior until 2007. Next, in the first year of the U-23 I went to France, where I got into the Martigues SC club. While racing in that club I became among others the teams Champion of France in division 2 (Divison National 2). In that club I was until 2010 and next I moved to the team of division 1 (Division National 1) AVC Aix en Provence.
How many wins have you achieved in your career so far? Which of them do you value the most?

I achieved most of my successes while racing in France. During 5 years of starts I had 25 wins. I value the most the win at the “Tour de Piemont Pyreneen” race, where at a very hard, last stage of the race I won the whole race, gaining a huge lead over the other riders. A very important victory in my career is the DN1 Cup of France in the individual time trial.

What goals and expectations do you have in relation to the CCC Polsat Polkowice team?

I would like to thank a lot the sponsor of the team and the sporting directors of the CCC Polsat Polkowice team for the trust and the chance I was given by them. My main goal is to use the best of my abilities for the team to achieve the best possible results, as well as to be useful during all the races I will take part in. I am glad that the years spent in French clubs and the experience gained allowed me to find myself in a professional team such as CCC Polsat Polkowice and I am glad to be able to work for it.


How do you feel about the team and how are you getting on with the team mates?

I was much impressed during my first meeting with the riders of the team during our training camp in Lloret de Mar. I was warmly welcomed by everybody. Now, here in Benidorm, I feel as if I had been in the team for a long time. The atmosphere in the team is very friendly, and the team is very well organized, with the technical support staff working impeccably, which guarantees good preparation for the season. I hope to spend here a very nice time and to contribute to its successes.


What goals are you setting yourself for the cycling season of 2012 ?

Getting prepared for the starts in the cycling season of 2012 I would like to show my best side, especially during stage races, where difficult, mountainous routes prevail. Since my strength is individual time trial, I would like to start also at races where time trials will be in the programme. And above all, I will carry out the best possible way the tasks set to me by the sporting directors of the team.