“Orange aquad” for Bretagne Classic – Ouest-France, Mountain Championships and Schaal Sels

Three races await CCC Sprandi Polkowice riders this weekend – UCI World Tour event, Bretagne Classic – Ouest-France, Polish Mountain Championships and interesting Belgian one-day race, Schaal Sels.

Bretagne Classic – Ouest-France (August 28th) is held on the roads around Plouay. This year the big loop will be 232 kilometers long and will be followed with a short, 13,9-kilometer lap. In total there are 247 kilometers to cover. The last climb, located just 5km from the finish, could be the place of the decisive moment of the race and this is where the winning group may be formed. The last 4 kilometers are mostly flat.

-Maciej Paterski and Davide Rebellin will be the leaders of our team for Bretagne Classic – Ouest-France. Both of these riders perform well in undulating terrain and are capable of finishing high in the standings if a smaller group arrives at the line. Felix Grossschartner and Victor de la Parte will try to shake things up in the climbs and in case of bunch gallop, Jarosław Marycz will try to repeat his sprint from RideLondon Classic, in which he finished 5th – sporting director of CCC Sprandi Polkowice, Piotr Wadecki says. – Last year Simone Ponzi claimed 2nd place in this event, but he is not ready to race yet. He has just returned to training after second collarbone injury this year. 

The lineup for Bretagne Classic – Ouest-France will be rounded out by Adrian Kurek, Jan Hirt and Branislau Samoilau.

Polish Mountain Championships

One day before French event, the 9-man “orange squad” will take part in Polish Mountain Championships (August 27th). The peloton will face 150-kilometer course, which includes 5 mountainous laps in Low Beskids, around Klimkówki Lake. After the last circuit the riders will have to get to Wysowa Zdrój, and that final stretch, with two hills, may also cause a lot of stir in the leading group.

Polkowice-based team will be represented in this race by Łukasz Owsian (gold in elite race in 2014 and former U23 champion), Mateusz Taciak (bronze in 2012 and silver in 2011), Adrian Honkisz (silver in 2012), Jakub Kaczmarek (U23 champion in 2015), Leszek Pluciński (U23 champion in 2012), pure climber Sylwester Szmyd and also Marcin Mrożek, Alan Banaszek and Kamil Małecki.

Belgian cobbles

Parallel to Bretagne Classic – Ouest-France (August 28th) CCC Sprandi Polkowice will also compete in Belgium, in unusual 1.1 race, Schaal Sels. It’s almost 200km long and features many sections of unpaved, gravel or cobble roads. Not only road cyclists will take part in this event, but also those who specialize in cyclo cross.

Last year the race was awarded as “Route of the Year 2015” by VéloNews. It was not only recognized by the interesting roads on which the race was carried out, but also by how organizers approach to riders’ safety. They make sure that unpaved sectors are hardened and in excellent condition. Their effort seems to be effective since in previous years there were not too many crashes or punctures.

5-man team of CCC Sprandi Polkowice will participate in this event – Josef Cerny, Nikolay Mihaylov, Eryk Latoń, Tomasz Kiendyś and Grzegorz Stępniak.

Lineup of CCC Sprandi Polkowice for Polish Mountain Championships (August 27th): Łukasz Owsian, Adrian Honkisz, Mateusz Taciak, Sylwester Szmyd, Alan Banaszek, Kamil Małecki, Jakub Kaczmarek, Leszek Pluciński, Marcin Mrożek

Lineup of CCC Sprandi Polkowice for Bretagne Classic – Ouest-France (August 28th, 1.UWT): Davide Rebellin, Maciej Paterski, Victor de la Parte, Felix Grossschartner, Jan Hirt, Adrian Kurek, Jarosław Marycz, Branislau Samoilau

Lineup of CCC Sprandi Polkowice for CCC Sprandi Polkowice na Schaal Sels (August 28th, 1.1): Josef Cerny, Nikolay Mihaylov, Eryk Latoń, Tomasz Kiendyś, Grzegorz Stępniak.