“Orange squad” to Memoriał Trochanowskiego and Siemińskiego

Two Polish one-day and sprinters friendly races, await CCC Sprandi Polkowice riders on the upcoming long May Weekend – Memoriał Andrzeja Trochanowskiego (May 1st) and Memoriał Romana Siemińskiego (May 2nd).

Both of the events are part of UCI calendar, are rated as 1.2 and both are held on flat circuit on Mazovian roads. Due to open fields strong wind often plays some role and splits the group apart.

Memoriał Andrzeja Trochanowskiego will take place on 21,1km lap, which will bo covered 8 times (168,8km in total). Meanwhile Memoriał Romana Siemińskiego is 162,9km long, with 9 laps, 18,1km each.

With not much climbing on the menu, the “orange squad” has selected fast lineup with Alan Banaszek, Paweł Franczak and Frantisek Sisr. They are all capable of delivering top results after a sprint, while their teammates Kamil Gradek, Szymon Sajnok, Adrian Kurek and Mateusz Taciak are known for their lead-out skills, ability to ride aggressively and to control unsuitable breakaways.

Lineup of CCC Sprandi Polkowice to Memoriał Andrzeja Trochanowskiego (1.2, May 1st) and Memoriał Romana Siemińskiego (1.2, May 2nd): Paweł Franczak, Alan Banaszek, Szymon Sajnok, Adrian Kurek, Kamil Gradek, Frantisek Sisr, Mateusz Taciak