Owsian wins Visegrad V4 Race – GP Poland

Łukasz Owsian took the win in Visegrad V4 Race – GP Polski and another “rider in orange”, Adrian Honkisz finished also among the strongest, in 4th place.

The race was held on relatively short, 125-kilometer course. The distance was not a factor, but the hilly course was. The route included 5 laps, with two climbs (sections with max. 20% gradient). In total the riders climbed as many as 10 times.

I took off on the first descend and 6 other riders joined me in the front – Łukasz Owsian explains. – Later the composition of the leading group was changing constantly and eventually it consisted of 9 riders. I was there with my teammate, Adrian Honkisz. Everyone in the break was contributing to setting the pace, but on the penultimate lap Adrian decided to pull away alongside Dariusz Batek.

After that move it was up to other riders to chase, so I was able to safe some energy. When I saw that my fellow escapees are getting more and more tired, I decided to bridge across. Marek Rutkiewicz was the only one who managed to hold on to my wheel.

We joined the leading duo, and with 2km to go I launched another attack and again Rutkiewicz followed. We got to the finish together and the sprint between us two decided who will take the win. We waited with the sprint for the very last moment, as I started my finish with 100-150 meters remaining. As it turned out it was very good decision, since there was not enough distance left for Marek to overtake me and I claimed a victory.

I really enjoy racing in the terrain around Jelenia Góra. This is where I also won the Mountains Polish Championships. It was held on different roads than today’s event, but I knew to course very well. I’ve been training here a lot.