Paterski wins prologue of Bałtyk – Karkonosze Tour

Maciej Paterski won the prologue of Bałtyk – Karkonosze Tour and became first leader of the race. 

The competition kicked off on a very sad note as the race founder and long time Director, Janusz Maceluch passed away during the night that preceded the prologue. Before the start a minute of silence was held in his memory.

The race had similar format to previous years and was carried out on a short, over 1-kilometer lap in Kołobrzeg. The riders were divided into 4 groups, in which they fought for the spot in the the final round. 6 “riders in orange” managed to advance to the decisive, 29-man race – Maciej Paterski, Adrian Kurek, Mateusz Taciak, Kamil Małecki, Nikolay Mihylov and Eryk Latoń.

CCC Sprandi Polkowice was in the control from the very beginning, taking most of the opening sprints, but later on  opponents put on a great fight. Kamil Zieliński (Domin Sport), Lucas Liss (Team Germany) and Cameron Bayly (Attaque Gusto) were part of the most dangerous move. Zieliński and Bayly were able to collect enough points to move up onto the podium. They were not able to beat Maciej Paterski though, as he was the most aggressive rider of the day. He finished the prologue with 15 points, 4 points ahead of his closest rivals.

Results of Bałtyk – Karkonosze Tour prologue, Kołobrzeg:

1. Paterski Maciej (CCC SPRANDI Polkowice) 15 pkt

2. Bayly Cameron (Attaque Team GUSTO) 11 pkt

3. Zieliński Kamil (DOMIN SPORT) 11 pkt

6. Latoń Eryk (CCC SPRANDI Polkowice) 5 pkt

8. Małecki Kamil (CCC SPRANDI Polkowice) 4 pkt

14. Taciak Mateusz (CCC SPRANDI Polkowice) 2 pkt

19. Kurek Adrian (CCC SPRANDI Polkowice)

26. Mihaylov Nikolay (CCC SPRANDI Polkowice)