Paweł Charucki: “Let’s help Emilia Kukla-Cichosz”

We would like to support financially Emilią – the wife of Marek Cichosz, who passed away prematurely last Sunday – Paweł Charucki, a rider of CCC Polsat Polkowice informed about an idea that has been created. Everybody, whoever wants to, may help.

– Marek actually took care of everything in the family and everything was on his shoulders. Emilia, his wife, has not worked recently, because they have had their second son – says Charucki. – They were a really great couple. I enjoyed myself in their company at Łukasz Modzelewski’s wedding.

– What happened on Sunday came like a bolt out of the blue. That was a shock. Soon an idea was put forward, to help Marek’s wife in this difficult for her time. We want to support her financially, because this is the only way we can help. That is why I would like to appeal to all big-hearted people to support our action. Every zloty matters, each one, really.

– The whole Legia supports her, and the first people who decided to help her have turned out, among them there is my father, but we do not want to limit ourselves to that – concluded Paweł Charucki.

The editorial staff of joins the action and appeal to everybody to help Emilia and her children. Do not be indifferent. Emilia Cichosz found herself in a very difficult situation, not only financially, but first of all she is going through a very difficult time in her private life. We would like to appeal to everybody, above all to – fans of cycling, sponsors of that sport – let’s pay homage to Marek Cichosz and help his family. Let’s show that Polish cycling is one great family!

For everybody who wants to help, here is the number of the account where the money can be paid into. 26 1020 4708 0000 7702 0009 5398 – BANK PKO BP.
As the purpose of the payment, please write: Emilia Kukla-Cichosz, ul. Starokościelna 1/3, 77-100 Bytów.


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