Piotr Gawroński about the training camp in Benidorm

On Saturday 3 March a group of seven riders of CCC Polsat Polkowice is beginning the cycling season of 2012 with the start in Vuelta Murcia. The rest of the team are still preparing themselves for the season in Benidorm.

On the coast, Costa Blanca, in Benidorm there are wonderful conditions for trainings – informs Piotr Gawroński. You couldn’t dream of better weather for training. It is sunny and the temperature every day is over 20 degrees Celsius. On our bodies the first signs of the cyclists’ suntan have appeared.

Each new day of the training is started by the riders at 7:30 with half an hour of warm-up. Then breakfast together and preparations to leave for the training.

According to the schedule we start the training programme every day at about 11 a.m. – goes on Piotr Gawroński. During this training camp the length of the trainings oscillates within 5-6 hours of riding a bike, which is good for building-up the right kilometre basis. As there are a lot of beautiful routes around Benidorm with varied topography, actually every day we have our training on a different route. Recently our trainings have got harder and harder, and they are conducted mostly along mountainous routes, with quite demanding uphill stretches.

During the training camp in Benidorm the riders of CCC Polsat Polkowice are practising on bikes from Vivelo, which is the sponsor of the team this year. The latest model of a road-cycling bike released by the Vivelo company had been prepared individually for each rider, taking into account all the necessary parametres of the riders. Moreover, the bikes are in the colours of the team: black and orange.

I am glad that there is good atmosphere in the team – says Piotr Gawroński. In spite of being much tired after each training session all the team mates feel perfectly. Everybody is well, in excellent moods they are looking forward to their first starts. Especially delightful is the fact that three of our ‘young riders’ (Gawroński, Owsian, Stępniak) had been very warmly received by the rest of the team’s riders, and after this, one more training, we may say that we feel as if we have been in the team for ages. The team is excellently organized and it gives a lot of opportunities that I hope we take advantage of very soon.

I have been working hard during the time of preparations for the cycling season and I hope that I will be very well prepared for the most important starts in the season. As for now, I will be able to test myself as early as on 3 and 4 March this year, at my first start in the ‘orange’ team colours, as I have been appointed for the line-up of CCC Polsat Polkowice for Vuelta Cyclista Murcia – said Piotr Gawroński.

The training camp in Benidorm will last until 20 March, and when it finishes part of the team is going to take part in the race in Portugal, Volta ao Alentejo (cat.2.2), which is going to take place from 22 to 25 March this year.