Piotr Wadecki, “after the second stage we’re a little banged up”

The winner of the second stage of the Vuelta a Andalucia race was Jonathan Hivert cyclist from Sojasun Team. The race leader still remains Alejandro Valverde (Movistar).

During the third day of competition, the cyclists had to overcome the longest stretch of the race, a length of nearly 200 km. The cyclists started in Trebujena and followed in the village Montilli. The route of this stage was flat except for the last 30 km on the small hills where were located three mountain bonuses cat.3. The second stage finished on a not difficult hill.

Today a large inconvenience for cyclists was quite a strong wind that blew almost a majority of the stage. Right after the start, when the cyclists left the town Trebujena, the peloton was very “pulled” and strong gusts of wind caused his torn. Then three cyclists rode off. Among the them there was no one who would threaten the leader, so the peloton controlled by Movistar team allowed their run away. The advantage grew quickly and at one point was more than 8 minutes.

When to the finish line remained less kilometers, the peloton through Movistar team turned up the tempo and strong dominance began to decline sharply. It was known that many of the teams in their formations having cared sprinters to the finish line reunites the entire group.On the last kilometer route three runaways were eventually absorbed by the peloton.

The second time, a phenomenal finish show off Jonathan Hivert (Sojasun) and he was the winner of the second stage. Defeated Tyler Farrar (Garmin Sharp) and Francesco Lasca (Caja Rural). Davide Rebellin (CCC Polsat Polkowice) finished in 23rd place with the winner of a stage.

For CCC Polsat Polkowice, the second stage of the race has been quite unlucky. Sporting director Piotr Wadecki reported.

Today’s stage started from the beginning was very interesting. Strong winds tightly stretched and tore the peloton. On one of the section of the stage the crash had place in which severely affected Rebellin. At this point, the peloton was broken into several pieces. Battered managed to join friends waiting for him with the team and with their help they were nearly 25 km chasing peloton. Great effort, managed to catch up with the leaders of peloton. Then another crash had place, in which at 10 kilometers from the finish line Jacek Morajko took part . Jacek reached the finish line but his tomorrow’s start is in question. It is suspected of breaking the shoulder but we have to consult with a doctor – Piotr Wadecki ended.


The results of the second stage, Trebujena – Montilla, 194.2 km

1. Jonathan Hivert (Sojasun) 4:48:37

2. Tyler Farrar (Garmin Sharp)

3. Francesco Lasca (Caja Rural)

23. Davide Rebellin

72. Marek Rutkiewicz 1:00

73. Jarosław Marycz

87. Bartłomiej Matysiak 2:36

88. Grzegorz Stępniak

94. Adrian Kurek 3:41

111. Jacek Morajko 8:09