Piotr Wadecki: “assumptions of the third stage were realised in a hundred percent”

Yesterday ended the struggle CCC Polsat Polkowice cyclists in the race Vuelta a Andalucia. Davide Rebellin finished in a high, 9th position.

After the last, the third stage of the race, in which Davide Rebellin finished in third place, sporting director Piotr Wadecki, shared his observation with a journalist

“It was a very tough stage, the whole team was helping Davide and had the task of guarding him for the final climb, so that at the end Italian could fight with the best. At one of the downhill our leader fell down, but fast technical support team and teammates made ​​Davide returned to the game. On the final uphill Rebellin attacked, he rode for the stage victory, but Alejandro Valverde and Spilak catched him, and finally, after the reading of the photo finish, took third position. I am full of admiring for this cyclist, many people before this season claimed that the Italian engagement is not so good choice. But it was a very good move. Experience in the peloton is far more important than age. I think Davide hasn’t showed us his best side yet . We met an end of a hundred percent. “- Piotr Wadecki added.

And so Davide Rebellin summed up his success at the third stage:

“I was expecting that the end will reveal the winner, I had nothing to lose, I attacked first, Valverde rode fast to me, then Spilak. As it turned out, Valverde was unbeatable today. After all, I’m very happy, perhaps it would be better to win, but I’m happy with third place as well “