Piotr Wadecki: “The more of these events, the better for cycling”

Less than a week was to race cyclo Gdynia. September 8 at Kosciuszko Square Amateur riders will meet and professionals. Polish national team coach and sporting director of CCC Polsat Polkowice – Piotr Wadecki also able to start.

Director of the elite men’s race , Peter Kosmala said that you consult with the race route . For you, as a former rider and now athletic director how it will be a race?

– The route is sure to be selective , but they are not , of course, big mountains . We are here Kashubian Switzerland , the hilly terrain , with virtually no flat sections . Route all the time up – down , with 2-3 km long driveways . At this distance and the configuration of the terrain will be a tough race .

– So we can probably safely assume that the Kosciuszko Square finiszującego not see the whole pack ?

– When it comes to finishing a rather small group . I think it will be a maximum of 10 riders . I am inclined , however, to the theory that the winner will come alone or win finish with a very small few people escape.

– What do you think about joining the race for professional racing for amateurs ?

– This is a very good idea. Amateur do not have many opportunities to preview the professionals. You will be able to talk to them , see them preparing to take off. They will all of our group , the whole Polish intro to this we have confirmation that the coming Michael Kwiatkowski and Michal Golas , so good thing not only for amateur riders , but also the fans. The more such events , the better for cycling.

– For you, as manager , it will be one of the last races where you will be able to assess the potential kadrowiczów form for the World Championships in Florence.

– A large group of cyclists with a broad composition of the World Cup starts today in the Vuelta a Espana . However, it will Golas , Kwiatkowski and several other potential candidates to take part in the World Cup , so naturally I watched them . The championships will have 2.5 weeks , so we’ll see how in the last phase of preparations look the other representatives . For sure this race will tell you which place are players who have a chance to play in Florence.

– At the start of Gdynia Cyclo you see the orange led by a team of CCC Polsat Polkowice . What is the composition of the step out ?

– As of today, plan the participation of such riders as Tom Kiendyś , Jarek Marycz , Piotr Gawronski , Colin Conference, Jacek Morajko , Bartek Matysiak , Matthew Smith and Adrian Kurek .