ProLiga 2010 – winners awarded.

On Friday 15 October in Kielce during the International Fair of Bicycle Industry Kielce Bike-Expo the conclusion of the cycle of Pro-Liga Arkus & Romet 2010 took place. During the ceremony the award for winning in the individual classification was received by Jacek Morajko representing the team of Mróz Active Jet this season. On behalf of the winners of the team classification the sports manager of the CCC Polsat Polkowice group Robert Krajewski collected the award.

The ceremony concluding Pro-Liga Arkus & Romet 2010 was held during the commencement of the Fairs. After the official opening there was the ceremony of awarding the first three cyclists of the individual classification of Pro-Liga and the winner of the teams classification. The triumpher of Pro-Liga 2010 is the champion of Poland Jacek Morajko, who received from the sponsor of the cycle – the company Arkus-Romet – a cheque for 10,000 zlotys and a motorbike Zetka 125. The second place was held by his team-mate from the group of Mróz Active Jet Marek Rutkiewicz, who received a cheque for 7,000 zlotys. The third place was taken by Tomasz Marczyński, who could not be present at the ceremony, because together with the team of CCC Polsat Polkowice he is racing at the multi-stage race Tour of Hainan. On behalf of the cyclist the price of 5000 zlotys was collected by the sports manager of the CCC group Robert Krajewski. The prices to the best cyclists were handed by the President of the company Arkus & Romet Group Wiesław Grzyb and the Vice-President Bogdan Brzuszek.

In the team classification of ProLiga Invest Bank 2010 the winner was the group of CCC Polsat Polkowice, who outstripped the team of Mróz Active Jet and Romet Weltour Dębica. On behalf of the victorious team the cheque for 5,000 zlotys from the representatives of the sponsor of that classification – Invest Bank – was collected by the sports manager of the CCC group Polsat Polkowice Robert Krajewski.

The ceremony of awarding was conducted by the well-known sports journalist, and at the same time, the President of Stowarzyszenie Sympatyków Zawodowych Grup Kolarskich Tomasz Jaroński. The brilliant cyclists from Kielce Tomasz Brożyna and Zbigniew Piątek, as well as Dariusz Baranowski, were the guests of the ProLiga closing ceremony.