Puchar MON: Latoń lost by an inch, three “riders in orange” in top 4

Eryk Latoń and Bartłomiej Matysiak claimed podium spots in 1.2 Polish race – Puchar MON.

The race held on a relatively flat circuit around Wysokie Mazowieckie was 169-kilometer long and extremely fast and lively. Handful of groups were being formed in the front, but the peloton was reacting quickly and gave green light to no one in the first part of competition.

“Riders in orange” were among the most aggressive men in the bunch and were involved in almost every move. After the halfway point of the race a large escape was established with Maciej Paterski and Tomasz Kiendyś, as well as some other pre-race favorites Alois Kankovsky, Vojtech Hacecky (both Whirpool Author), Sylwester Janiszewski (Wibatech Fuji) or Kamil Zieliński (Domin Sport). They gained almost one minute-lead but the main field was not eager to let them survive all the way to the finish and they were brought back in in the finale.

The winner of the 55th edition of Puchar MON was selected after a bunch sprint. Despite being involved in the break, Alois Kankovsky saved enough energy to sprint for the victory. CCC Sprandi Polkowice riders- Eryk Latoń, Bartłomiej Matysiak and Alan Banaszek formed great lead-out train and finished right behind him, in 2nd, 3rd and 4th respectively.

At the line it turned out that it was one of the fastest races of the season, with an average speed of 46km/h.

The race was very fast right from the gun. There were many breakaway attempts and we all tried to be a part of them. The last escape got caught with around 4km to go and Maciej Paterski was involved in that action. In the finale, the pace increased even more and the peloton got shredded. Our lead-out was perfect and we tackled the last corner with three of our riders at the head of the pack. I started the sprint off Bartłomiej Matysiak’s wheel and right behind the line I stopped pedaling thinking that the victory was mine. Unfortunately for us, Alois Kankovsky pushed his wheel at the finish and was first to cross the line. I lost the race because of inadvertence. It’s a shame, since my legs were strong today and the team was racing brilliantly – Eryk Latoń said afterwards.