Rebellin: “I am more motivated”

Davide Rebellin find themselves very well in CCC Polsat Polkowice team. What is a “mission,” as first estimated losses of Polish colleagues and that after so many years on a bike still likes what he is doing? Read!


Now do you speak Polish?

– But I’m trying to learn a few words of my club mates, but it is terribly difficult language! (Laughs)

How did the idea actually, you represented the CCC Polsat Polkowice?

– Thanks to my friend who is a Pole, but as I live in Monaco, made contact with Peter Wadeckim. I loved the idea of ​​working in a country where cycling is growing in the right direction. And besides, I have many Polish fans who support me and I am glad that I can with them and the team from their country to share my experience. I’ll do my best to provide the success.

So you are happy with this decision?

– As the most. I predict a good future of my team.

The longer you first loss of the season. What rating would you work with colleagues in the team?

– Quickly we got contact. I like that you guys are motivated and serious about what they do. Unluckily, that in my first race, the Tour Mediterraneen in, the whole team, including myself, has food poisoning. Many of us have had to withdraw from competition, which could not be checked until the end.

But in the Vuelta a Andalucia and the Vuelta a Murcia was better. Are you satisfied with the result?

– I’m not. Although I took third place on the stage in Andalusia, but the damage after the fall of the previous day, I could not reach for the victory. Teased my knee and foot pain. The Murcia also could have been better – at the end of the race I had a technical problem with the bike.

How would you rate your preparation for the season?

– The winter I worked very well. Unfortunately, the health problems at the Tour Med lost some strength. But I went back to him and preparing diligently for the next races.

You must be aware that the CCC is a second division team, and at some races you had planned can not get an invitation. Do not care?

– Of course, we can not start in all events. For my part, first of all I would like to take part in the classics in Belgium. But regardless of whether it succeeds or not, I think we have a good schedule starts.

Which of them will be for you the most important goal of the season?

– The main objective is the Tour de Pologne. But all the races in which I will attend are important and all I go with the same desire to achieve the best results.

You are racing for many years. How do you do that consistently derive such satisfaction from that?

– I’m still in the cycling environment, because I feel that over time, I’m even more motivated and passionate about what I do I do – it “does” most of the work for me. With so motivated I also feel that I can afford to have good results.

Over the years, I think your cycling career has changed?

– Yes, above all, it is much more dependent on technology, more controlled. It is a very important player training, preparation with specific training methods, training by observing the results of research … That’s a big difference. But one thing has remained constant – the ability to require total dedication.