Łukasz Owsian


  • Birthdate: 24.02.1990
  • Height: 181 cm
  • Weight: 66 kg
  • Nationality: Poland

He was born in Toruń and he still lives there. He grew up in a cycling family, as his dad was his first coach (alongside Wiesław Młodziankiewicz) and his brother, Arkadiusz, was also a professional cyclist.

Early on he was trying all kinds of cycling disciplines – MTB, road and track – and he quickly showcased his talent. He is the same age as world champion, Michał Kwiatkowski, who is also from Toruń, so he had the opportunity to race with him on a regular basis. One season, in the school league, Kwiato was 1st and Łukasz finished just behind him, in 2nd.

27-year old rider with a nickname “Łysy” (“bold”) has been always focused on cycling and never imagined to do something else for a living. Although at school he was quite good at IT and that could be his alternative path.

As a young father he spends his off-bike time playing with his child. Whenever he finds some free moment he enjoys playing video games and watching NBA basketball.

He considers his gold medals in Road Mountains Polish Championship as his biggest achievements in his career, alongside with world and European championships participation.

Owsian has been a CCC Sprandi Polkowice rider his entire professional career.


Favorite quote: „If you don’t believe you can win, you will be defeated before you start riding”

Favorite food: Muesli with yoghurt for breakfast

Favorite movie or TV series: „ Pirates of the Caribbean”

Training on rollers, or training in the rain: In the rain

Hobby outside cycling: Video games, IT, NBA

Nickname: “Łysy” (“bold”)

Languages: Polish, English



  • 1.OVO Energy Tour of Britain – mountains classification
  • 1.The 5 Interational Race Korona Kocich Gór
  • 5.Tour of Malopolska – general classifcation
  • 6.Szlakiem Walk Majora Hubala – general classifcation
  • 8.Czech Cycling Tour - general classification


  • 1.Polish Mountains Championships
  • 1.Visegrad V4 Race - GP Polski
  • 2.Korona Kocich Gór I Dolina Baryczy
  • 7.Tour of Malopolska - general classification
  • 7.CCC Tour - Grody Piastowskie


  • 2.Memoriał im. J.Grundmana i J. Wizowskiego
  • 3.Puchar Uzdrowisk Karpackich
  • 3.Polish Mountains Championships


  • 1.Mountain Polish Championship
  • 1.Szlakiem Grodów Piastowskich – mountains classification
  • 4.Skoda Cyclo Gdynia
  • 11.Tour of Hainan – general classification


  • 2.Mazovia Tour – stage 3
  • 2.Korona Kocich Gór
  • 3.Mazovia Tour – general classification
  • 3.Kryterium kolarskie Dzierżoniów
  • 3.Mountain Polish Championship


  • 3.Memoriał Grundmana i Wizowskiego
  • 5.Polish Championship U23 – ITT
  • 5.Ślężański Mnich
  • 6.Memoriał Grundmana i Wizowskiego – stage 1
  • 10.Giro di Padania – stage 2


  • 1.Mountain Polish Championship U-23
  • 2.Polish Championship U-23 – road race
  • 3.Kryterium o Puchar Prezydenta Ruda Śląska
  • 4.Gara Vintage