Michał Paluta


  • Birthdate: 04.10.1995
  • Height: 174 cm
  • Weight: 65 kg
  • Nationality: Poland

Michał Paluta was born in Gorzów Wielkopolski, a today he lives in Strzelce Krajeńskie. In the latter he began his cycling journey, at the small club LKS POM Strzelce Krajenskie. He showed up at his first training, conducted by coach Józef Szymański, when he was 11 years old. He got a cycling bug from his grandfather. There must have been also something in his genes, since young Michał would win almost every race in cycling school league.

It wasn’t that easy after joining the team though. He couldn’t keep up with his equals and he would often finish last. He didn’t give up and after some time he became one of the biggest prospects in the country. He was back-to-back junior champion in cyclo cross and won gold in individual time trial He joined CCC Sprandi Polkowice as a 20—year old, coming from TKK Pacific Toruń.

As a “rider in orange” Michał took two consecutive Polish Champion titles on the road, got silver in ITT, won a stage at Carpathian Couriers Race and finished 8th in 2017 world championships in Bergen, which he considers to be his biggest achievement so far.

In his free time he cooks and if he weren’t  a cyclists he would be an airplane pilot or a race car driver.


Favorite quote: Pain is temporary, but if you quit, it lasts forever

Favorite food: The entire Italian cuisine, although I also love Polish dumplings with blackberries

Favorite place on earth: I really like United States

Favorite TV show: Top Gear

Training on rollers or in the rain: In the rain

Hobby outside cycling: Automotive


Languages: Polish, English



  • 5.Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey – stage 5
  • 6.Tour de l’Avenir – stage 2
  • 8.World Championships U23 - Road Race


  • 1.Polish Championships - RR
  • 1.Carpathian Couriers Race U-23 - etap 2
  • 2.Polish Championships - ITT
  • 2.Carpathian Couriers Race U-23 - general classification
  • 3.Course de la Paix U23 - stage 1


  • 1.Polish Championships U23 – road race
  • 1.Polish Championships in Duo Time Trial - U23 (Paluta, Stosz)
  • 1.Polish Championships in Team Time Trial - U23 (Paluta, Stosz, Brożyna, Latoń)
  • 3.Polish Championships U23 – ITT
  • 3.Polish Championships in Team Time Trial – elite (Paluta, Stosz, Brożyna, Latoń)
  • 5.Carpathian Couriers Race – stage 3
  • 16.World Championships U23 – road race


  • 3.Tour de Rybnik
  • 8.Polish Championship U23 – ITT


  • 1.Polish Championship in cyclo cross - junior
  • 1.Junior Polish Championship – ITT
  • 3.Le Trophée Centre Morbihan – stage 2
  • 4.Trofeo Karlsberg – general classification
  • 4.Trofeo Karlsberg – stage 3
  • 6.Trofeo Karlsberg – stage 3
  • 7.Junior European Championship – ITT
  • 7.Course de la Paix Juniors – stage 2
  • 7.Tour of Istria - Memorial Edi Rajkovic – stage 3
  • 15.Junior World Championship – ITT


  • 1.Polish Championship in cyclo cross - junior
  • 9.La Coupe du Président de la Ville de Grudziadz – youth classification
  • 26.World championship in cyclo cross - junior