Michal Schlegel


  • Birthdate: 31.05.1995
  • Height: 184 cm
  • Weight: 72 kg
  • Nationality: Czech Republic

He spent his entire childhood in Lanškroun and he is attached emotionally to this place. It is perfect, hilly region for cycling. Many current or former professional riders are from that part of Czech Republic, including Leopold Konig, Daniel Turek, František Trkal or René Andrle. Few years ago he had to move to Brno, second largest city in the country, due to school.

You can say that it was not Schlegel who chose cycling, but it was cycling that chose him. His father was also a rider, so signing up for a club was something natural for Michal.

He was 11 or 12 years old, when he got his first road bike and took part in his first race in Lanškroun. At the beginning he didn’t win much, but training with his friends gave him a lot of satisfaction and joy. He wanted to be like his idols, who participated in the Tour de France, so he worked hard to improve. Schlegel’s first victory came when he was 13 years old. It was a hilly race, part of the Czech Cup.

While growing up in w Lanškroun Schlegel was also playing hokey. He stuck to cycling, because most of his friends where riding bikes and he enjoyed the cycling competition. Ice skating is still his hobby though.

His other passion is stock market. He is interested in financial sector and spends a lot of time studying the market, share prices and investment funds. He also watches documentaries and reads biographies about inspirational people, such as Elon Musk, Steve Jobs or Bradley Wiggins.

In the U23 peloton he achieved some outstanding results – 7th place at the world championships in USA (2015) and 6th and 8th overall at prestigious and extremely hard Tour de l’Avenir. Czech also took youth classification jersey at Czech Cycling Tour and Tour of Croatia, and was 45th in Giro d’Italia.

Since he has already claimed top 10 spot in a race called “U23 Tour de France” his next dream is to participate in the Grand Boucle and some day be in the contention for the podium.

Czech specializes in stage races, as he combines good climbing and time trialing skills.


Favorite quote or saying: Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value

Favorite food: corn pasta with avocado and tomato or just fresh apple

Favorite place on earth: Brno

Favorite movie or TV series: “Catch me if you can” or “Harry Potter”

Training on rollers or in the rain: I do not like training on the rollers, but I do not have problem training in the rain when it’s not less than 5 degrees

Hobbies outside of cycling: Spending time with my girlfriend, reading books and annual reports of companies I invest in or I’m planning to. 


Languages: Czech, English



  • 1.Tour of Croatia – youth classification
  • 1.Czech Cycling Tour – youth classification
  • 3.Grand Prix Priessnitz spa – general classification
  • 6.Tour de l'Avenir – general classification
  • 45.Giro d'Italia – general classification


  • 1.Czech Championships U23 - ITT
  • 1.Czech Championships U23 - RR
  • 1.Czech Cycling Tour - youth classification
  • 3.G.P. Palio del Recioto - 34th Memorial cav. Sante Carradori
  • 8.Tour de l'Avenir - general classification


  • 1.East Bohemia Tour - youth classification
  • 1.Czech Cycling Tour - youth classification
  • 1.GP Internacional Torres Vedras - Trofeu Joaquim Agostinho - youth classification
  • 2.East Bohemia Tour - stage 2
  • 3.Czech Championships U23 - ITT
  • 3.East Bohemia Tour - general classification
  • 7.World Championships U23


  • 2.Czech Championships U23 - ITT


  • 1.Czech Junior Championships - ITT