Rudnicki wins in Polkowice, the GC for Jeżowski.

The last criterium of the Cuprum Cup cycle in Polkowice was won by the cyclist of the Aktio Group Mostostal Puławy team, Dariusz Rudnicki. The second place was taken by Krzysztof Jeżowski (CCC Polsat Polkowice), who was also the thriumpher of the general classification of the whole race. The third contestant at the finishing line of the Polkowice criterium was also a cyclist of the CCC Polsat Polkowice team, Łukasz Bodnar.

In Polkowice the cyclists had to cover the distance of 62.5 km (25 rounds x 2.5 km). From the very beginning, in the rainy weather the racers of Aktio Group Mostostal Puławy performed really actively. On the first two ‘rich’ laps Rudnicki gained points and he took the leading in the points classification. Right behind him there was Krzysztof Jeżowski and in the general classification he was in the second place. The last ‘rich’ lap was profitable for Łukasz Bodnar (CCC Polsat Polkowice), thanks to which after winning 6 points he took the third place and jumped onto the podium.

Dariusz Rudnicki won 18 points in total, which let him become the winner of the Polkowice criterium, whereas Krzysztof Jeżowski won 11 points and took the second place.

Krzysztof Jeżowski’s victory during the criterium in Lubin and taking the second place in Polkowice sufficed for him to become the winner of the general classification of the whole Criterium Cuprum Cup race.. With this victory ‘Jeżu’ scored a hattrick, because in the previous two years he also stood on the highest position of the podium.

At the finishing line in Polkowice Krzysztof Jeżowski said: – Today’s criterium was not difficult technically. Four turns within the route, but none of them dangerous. One could confidently go a bit further into the last curve. In the long final stretch one could make up for the losses, if necessary. It was raining but it was not cold. I did not succeed in winning the criterium, but due to taking the second place I won in the general classification of the cycle and thus I became a triple winner of that race – I managed to do a hattrick”.

The results of the Cuprum Cup criterium – Polkowice, distance 62.5 km

1. Dariusz Rudnicki (Aktio Group Mostostal Puławy) 18 pkt.
2. Krzysztof Jeżowski (CCC Polsat Polkowice) 11 pkt.
3. Łukasz Bodnar (CCC Polsat Polkowice) 6 pkt.
4. Wojciech Ziółkowski (DHL Author) 6 pkt.
5. Bartłomiej Matysiak (CCC Polsat Polkowice) 6 pkt.
6. Artur Detko (Aktio Group Mostostal Puławy) 6 pkt.
7. Adam Wadecki (Aktio Group Mostostal Puławy) 5 pkt.