Rutkiewicz: BGZ Proliga ranking is priority for us

Marek Rutkiewicz became the first leader of BGZ ProLigi 2013, winning in Sobotka “Mnich Ślężański”. Here’s what CCC Polsat Polkowice cyclist, said after the successful performance and what kind of plans are for the next race.

Assumptions for the race were simple, we have to win it. At the beginning we wanted to start gently, do not throw away all the forces on the one tide. Despite this, it turned out that the first attack went away to the finish. We really wanted to win, especially since it was the first team BGZ and BDC. We had to take advantage and score as many points as the BGZ ProLigi.

– The route was very hard, compared to previous years. It was the same route as that at the Polish Championship in 2005 – it was suited for us. The whole round was on good roads, no holes. For me, a revelation.

– Ranking ProLigi BGZ is very important for us. Thanks to the BGZ commitment, at the races is a Polish TV, which carries out the relation from, so this is a great opportunity to showcase our sponsor, as well as ourselves.

– At the next race, “Szlakiem Bursztynowymb- Hellena Tour, we would like to also win, but will be harder because the other teams will be already in their strongest compositions. It promises to be a strong competition.